Dog Park Products - Urban Dog Run


For smaller areas offering 3 or 4 play items for dogs.

Dog Park Products - Climb And Play


Medium-sized park designs offering 6 or more stations for dogs.

Dog Park Products - Run And Play


For larger park areas offering a variety of fun and playful stations for dogs.

Express Course


Our beginner course includes four (4) exciting and fun components that can be used intuitively by most dogs. This equipment is the best bet for drawing new and returning visitors to the dog park!

Sport Course


Our moderate difficulty sport course offers six (6) activities to create an attractive and fun dog play area. Dogs can begin to master skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling, and more.

Pro Course


Our most advanced course offers nine (9) activities for dogs of various sizes and abilities. The agility-based play equipment offers activities suitable for the family pet up to the seasoned athlete.

Dog Park Equipment

  Promotes healthy behaviour and physical activity in dogs and dog owners

  Offers exclusive protective thermoplastic coating

  Available in pre-configured and custom agility courses

  Manufactured in the U.S.A.

  Constructed with high-quality commercial-grade materials

Dog Park Agility Courses

 Pre-configured courses that are based on popular agilty obstacles

 Provide activities for dogs regardless of ability or skill level

 Promote physical activity, confidence level, and healthy play behavior

 Allow dogs to master skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling, and more

 Provide a healthy outdoor environment that encourages bonding between dog and dog owner

Being Outdoors With Your Dog

 Exposure to healthy sunlight which is a rich source of Vitamin D

 A boost to the immune system and helps develop healthy bones

 Being outdoors means breathing fresh air and allowing for greater oxygenization of the blood

 Provides for a greater workout due to changes in terrain, temperature, environment etc

Our Dog Park Equipment

Dog Park Equipment


Welcome to Livin the Dog Life! We are your source for high-quality dog park equipment that promotes a healthy lifestyle. All of our products are manufactured in the USA from natural, sustainable materials and encourage your dog to engage in vigorous outdoor play. If you are creating a dog park, turn to us for our design expertise and commercial-grade exercise equipment. We ship our products to clients throughout the nation, and we work with reputable local installation teams.

Dog Park Productsto Promote Health and Wellness

Time spent outside is essential for the health and happiness of any dog. If your dog has been cooped up all day, a trip to the dog park will provide some much-needed exercise and fresh air. Your dog needs an active lifestyle as much as you do, and with our equipment, you can spend some quality time with your dog that’s just as beneficial for the body as for the mind. At our company, we design gyms and outdoor courses that offer the physical and mental stimulation that dogs need.

Exercise Equipment that Dogs Love

If you are a dog owner, you want to ensure that your dog enjoys the best possible quality of life. Dogs that engage in frequent exercise are both healthier and happier. Make your dog your personal exercise partner and offer some important off-leash play time. When dogs are free to use their natural athleticism and agility, they retain their youthful energy and are less prone to certain health problems later in life. Our products are excellent sources of:

* Agility Training

*Vigorous Ecersice

* Climbing

* Cognitive Learning

* Social Play

* Bonding and Disciplined Fun

* Cooling, Cleaning, and Refreshment

The Right Products for Your Dog

We are constantly researching and sourcing exciting new products to enhance dogs’ quality of life and their bonds with their owners. Dogs of all ages need routine exercise and daily time to interact with their owners and other dogs. Our equipment makes a valuable addition to the life of any dog. With a knowledgeable design and planning team, we understand how to balance spatial requirements, environmental standards, and market demands to deliver a superior dog park facility.

We always keep safety, fun, and health in mind with everything we offer. When designing a dog park, it’s important to keep in mind a layout that lets dogs make the most of the available space. Be sure to consult with us when you are researching exercise products or designing a commercial or residential dog park. We are here to make a positive impact with such products as our:

* Urban Dog Run

* Climb & Play

* Run & Play

* Sport Course

* Express Course

* Pro Course

Contact Us with any questions and quote requests. We design and sell dog park equipment for customers nationwide.



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