The Dog Park Company

Operating or managing a dog park is like many other popular amenities, it requires a significant commitment of daily upkeep, maintenance, and cleaning. The most important aspect when putting together a dog park is that it is safe and that you are hopefully minimizing the dogs to any health or safety risk at the park.

The safety aspect of the park can be affected by these factors; the location of the park, the size, and design of the park, the strict enforcement of the necessary rules, daily maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of the park and its elements. The Park should be located in a dry area that has a good balance of shade and sunlight. Keep the park at a safe distance from retention ponds and still water or swampy areas where insects and mosquitos can thrive. If there are any low swampy areas within the park, have landscaping resolve those immediately and keep the grass groomed and the fence line should be kept to a short height by weed-eating it on a regular basis. The larger the park the more maintenance and the more daily attention is required so make sure you have the ability to service the park size as you plan your initial designs. The design of the entrance of the park should allow for dogs to get out into the park without a lot of ‘bottle-necking’ at the gate area. Place benches, water fountains, and other fixtures out in the park so people are not congregating around the entrance of the park. Keep the entrance free and open so people and dogs can enter and exit the park freely. Have an accessible pad area inside of the gate as a designated companion accessible pad.