The Pet Wastestation™

It is vital to have a diligent pet waste management system, a clean park is a safe park. Set an expectation goal for your park visitors: ‘please pick up your pets waste completely and promptly’ using the 15-second rule. Provide an adequate number of pet waste stations in all areas of the park to make it easy for the park visitors to pick up promptly. It is important that you have the rules posted and it is best to give the visitors a goal or expectation of picking up their dog’s waste and disposing of it properly. This essential and critical rule needs to be prominently published on the park signage and strictly enforced. The Park should be closed during any inclement weather or unique circumstances that may create undue risk, such as flooding in certain areas of the park creating an unsafe area. You want to try to keep things dry and clean to help eliminate fungus or bacterial growth. Make sure any cleaners and disinfectants that are used are pet-friendly.
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