About The Book

This book was written after enjoying so many incredibly wonderful and healthy hours at ‘Dog Lake™’ with the author's beautiful black Lab, Ellie, and her friends along with many other ‘Dogger’s™’ that often joined us as we had fun at the end of a work day.

The book tells about the love, energy and companionship that dog ownership provides, to both the human and the dog. One special way to revel in or experience that special relationship is to take your dog out, leash-free, to run and play and just be a dog.

Together Time

Spending time with your dog outside allows you to get out in the fresh air, get a great workout and leave all the stress and worry behind you.

The book is a simple friendly read with some brief stories about the health benefits of dog ownership. The focus of the book is placed toward spending time with your dog, who is full of great qualities that can help you lead a healthier and more full-filling life.

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