TAKE THE TIME TO READ ABOUT VACCINES – Your dog is depending on you to carefully read and evaluate the risk and benefits of each vaccine.

It can be stressful to your dogs’ body getting multiple vaccines all at once, please discuss with your veterinarian, so you do not overwhelm your dogs’ body with multiple vaccines.

There are different quality levels of vaccine’s and ask your veterinarian to explain that they are using the safest form of a vaccine.

When your dog gets a vaccination shot, pay close attention to them and monitor any unusual behavior that may be considered them having an ‘allergic’ reaction. Keep a record of this and keep your veterinary informed, if the pet is under distress take your pet to your veterinarian right away. 

You should discuss your dog’s health and previous reaction to vaccines when consulting with your veterinarian on the timing of vaccines. If your dog’s health is compromised, or your pet has fragile health ask your veterinarian about titer testing and also writing a waiver letter on any vaccines that may be required by an entity or doggie daycares and other type places that require you to have these.

You have to communicate with your veterinarian that you want to be safe with your pet and they can help you map out the best and safest plan for your pet.

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