Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

How do you treat yourself to protect yourself from, flies, mosquitos, ticks, fleas, insects? 

This is the same method you can do with your dog. Spray your dog with topical, inspect them after being outside, keep them groomed – bathed.


  • When you read and research these topics make sure you are referencing valid data where the authors are un-bias and have no financial interest or other conflicts of interest.  

Understand FLEA & TICK Prevention is different than HEARTWORM Prevention – these are two different topics – some companies combine several chemical preventatives together, but this could be over-whelming to your pet and may present more risk of ‘bad things’ aka adverse reactions happening to your pet.

It is important when educating yourself that you separate ‘Heartworm Prevention’ from ‘Flea & Tick Prevention’ these are two remotely different topics with different risk levels associated with each.

It is more appropriate to look at these separately and make your decision after reviewing data and reviews.

1) Heartworm Prevention – please see the separate section under ‘Heartworm prevention’

2) Flea, Mosquito & Tick Prevention – This is easy to manage; Keep your dog clean, bathed, groomed and examine your dog daily. Read and understand what your options are, how they work and how long they stay in your dog’s body and what their mechanism of action is and understand the risk for your dog. Your dog cannot speak so it is your responsibility to be educated and gentle with your pet so you can help your dog live their most vibrant and healthy life. Take the time to be educated so you provide the safest care for your pet.

READ & REVIEW statistics, reviews and warnings on any products you are considering using on your pet. If you have questions, call the manufacturer’s customer support phone number and review your questions with them and/or discuss with your veterinarian.

It is always best practice to try to avoid going in areas where insects such as fleas, mosquitos, insects and ticks can thrive and search your dog every day if they are an outside dog. Keep their fur groomed and make sure to look them over when they go outside. Spray your pet with a Natural Organic Insect Repellant before going outside.

Keep your grass cut reasonably low and you can also use some pet friendly sprays on the yard to keep the insects from thriving.

There are effective natural (Natural Topical Spray’s – insect repellants) ways to provide yourself and your dog with an insect, flea, mosquito & tick prevention program thru effective organic natural topical insect repellant topical sprays. It is best to spray yourself and your dog when going in places that may have a lot of insects or even going outside during when insects are active.

Stay away from swampy wetland areas where mosquitos and other insects may thrive, inspect yourself after being in wooded areas and for additional protection spray yourself and your pet with organic natural insect repellant sprays. Always inspect & clean or bathe your dog & yourself when getting home from the outdoor areas that are more susceptible to insects. There are many brands of safe organic natural sprays that are very effective to use on yourself and your pet that can help prevent flea, mosquito, insect & tick bites.

Thankfully, there are a number of quality products that offer a Safer & Effective organic natural insect repellent that responsible dog owners can take to prevent these pests from becoming a problem in the first place. Practice responsible pet ownership lifestyle activities that stay clear of areas that may thrive with insect manifestation, inspect yourself and your dog regularly when visiting wooded grassy areas and use safe organic natural insect prevention repellant sprays. By taking these simple steps, you can help keep yourself and your dog safe from insects, mosquitos, fleas and ticks.

More and more leading companies are providing high quality SAFE TOPICAL SPRAYS that are very effective and even smell good. You can spray your clothing and your dog’s bandana; any garments or harness’s your dog may wear to help protect your pet thru prevention. Stay away from area’s prone to insects, inspect your pet after being outdoors & bathe your pet if you have been in areas that may have exposed your pet to potential environmental risk issues such as bacteria or insect bites, etc.

YOU have to do research and decide what is best product for yourself and your pet as you can consult with your veterinarian, but YOU must make the ultimate decision, so take the time to be well read and educated on anything you give to your pet. READ & RESEARCH for your pet’s best wellness decisions.

Many of the Top Leading Pet Care Manufacturing Companies continue to develop safer forms of (Natural Organic) Insect Repellants and Flea & Tick protection that is effective. This is an emerging and growing trend that leading companies in the pet industry continue the development of natural topical spray insect repellants and other safer products. 

You can Use Natural Organic Topical Spray, so your dog’s fur and skin are not attractive to insects. Keep your dog bathed and fur groomed Inspect your dog regularly and keep your dog away from areas where insects may thrive, wet-land pond areas, tall grass, etc.

Keep your yard well landscaped, your grass reasonably short & your dog’s bedding and sleeping areas clean.

Be Kind to your Pet and take the time to research data and be educated on any and all drugs you are considering giving to your pet.