Help Your Dog Live Life To The Fullest

Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

How do you treat yourself to protect yourself from, flies, mosquitos, ticks, fleas, insects?  This is the same method you can do with your dog. Spray your dog with topical, inspect them after being outside, keep them groomed – bathed. AS A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER WHO LOVES THIER PET – TAKE THE TIME TO READ […]

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals are very important for Optimal Pet Health and there are many options available for these available.  We suggest using vitamins that contain limited ingredients and not using Vitamins or Minerals that have artificial food flavorings, artificial coloring, or harmful preservatives.  If you are feeding your dog a home-prepared diet or a raw […]

Immunology & Vaccinations

TAKE THE TIME TO READ ABOUT VACCINES BEFORE MAKING A DECISION ON VACCINATING YOUR PET – Your dog is depending on you to carefully read and evaluate the risk and benefits of each vaccine and how you can do immunology testing thru titer testing. Read and Research before going to your veterinarian’s office. Veterinarians can order […]

Heartworm Prevention

This is very important to make sure you discuss with your veterinarian considerations of putting your dog on a Heartworm Prevention medicine and to minimize the risk.  The singular monthly pill is a good form of preventative medicine (not combined with flea and tick) (Heartgard Plus) and is designed to circulate in the bloodstream for a […]

Choosing your Veterinary Care

It is good to have a primary care veterinary and a secondary option, in case your primary veterinary is not available during emergency situations, or you need a second opinion or in cases where your primary vet may not be available.  You should also understand and do research on the best emergency care options in […]

Be a Loving Pet Owner

Adventure & Exercise 

Livin The Dog Life is a Health & Wellness lifestyle that focuses on the love, energy and companionship that dog ownership provides, to both the human and the dog.

One special way to revel in, or experience that special relationship is to take your dog out on an adventure and just let them be a dog naturally unleashed.  Dogs need to be around other dogs and humans and treated with love and care.  Protect your pet from harm and have fun with them.

This site is a collection and collaboration of pet care leading products and information to provide an optimal Health & Wellness lifestyle for dogs and their owners. 

Together Time

Spending time with your dog outside allows you to get out in the fresh air, get a great workout and leave all the stress and worry behind you and is healthy for you as well as your dog.

We focus on the health benefits of dog ownership. There are so many health benefits of dog ownership and keeping your dog healthy is an important art of great relationship that will benefit your dog and yourself.

Spending time with your dog can help you lead a healthier and more full-filling life. There are many health benefits to owning a dog! They are the ultimate work-out partner and a fearless and loving companion who trust that you will take care of them and protect them from harm

The Good Shepherd

It is very important that you watch over your dog as a caretaker and provide them the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. It is important to give your dog the opportunity to exercise their working instincts and burn off excess energy.

VIGOROUS exercise is an important part of a healthy life. Off-Leash Play & Agility training provides an outlet for your dog to release their energy

Healthy Play

Involving your dog in off-leash play and agility will help strengthen their muscles, improve their coordination, increase their endurance, increase social and people interaction relationships and improve cardiovascular conditioning.  All of these things will help keep your dog in good shape mentally & physically.

Vigorous play is very important in keeping your dog healthy and active throughout their life.

Help Your Dog Live Thier Best Life


  Promote daily physical activity with your dog & yourself
  Provide regular grooming and cleaning of the skin thru bathing your pet
  Clean your dogs teeth with a scale regularly in addition to dental cleanings
  Ensure your pet gets Quality Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals daily
  Read and Research all; food, treats, drugs, vaccines and pet care providers before using on your pet – be an informed pet care leader


Unleashed time is important for you dog – find a place where they can roam freely
Provide social activity for your dog to mingle with other dogs 
Regular physical activity will help develop healthy play behavior
Allow dogs to master agility skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling, and more
Provide a healthy outdoor environment that encourages bonding between dogs and their owner



 Exposure to healthy sunlight which is a rich source of Vitamin D
 A boost to the immune system and helps develop healthy bones
 Being outdoors means breathing fresh air and allowing for greater oxygenization of the blood
 Provides for a greater workout due to changes in terrain, temperature, environment etc