Dog Park Products

Providing dog play & exercise equipment is very important in providing a good amenity for your dog park. Dog Play & exercise equipment allows dogs to freely play with other dogs, thus improving their socialization skills and also improves their cardiovascular conditioning, improves their balance & agility. The equipment also provides positive training and interactions with the dogs and their owners.

It is important to provide proper signage and enforce the rules so the dog park is safe and pet waste is picked up promptly. Make sure your park is cleaned, inspected and maintained regularly.  The Animal Welfare Act mentions the importance of providing exercise equipment for dogs to have enrichment and provide regular exercise opportunities and an exercise program.

It also mentions providing positive physical sensory contact with humans and the interaction on the play & exercise equipment between the dogs and their caretakers provides a positive experience.

It is also important to provide fresh drinking water for the dogs to be able to hydrate properly. A splash pool can help the dogs cool during hot periods as well.

Make your dog park fun and inclusive so the dog park experience is a fun and a safe experience. A good dog park should create a fun interactive experience.