Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals are very important for Optimal Pet Health and there are many options available for these available.  We suggest using vitamins that contain limited ingredients and not using Vitamins or Minerals that have artificial food flavorings, artificial coloring, or harmful preservatives. 

If you are feeding your dog a home-prepared diet or a raw diet, or if your dog is showing signs of nutritional deficiency, you should pursue nutritional testing with your veterinarian or there are some mail-in test kits that can test your dog’s nutritional deficiencies. Speak with your veterinarian about testing for nutritional deficiencies.

Check with your vet before trying a new vitamin or mineral supplement for your dog and adding any supplements to your dog’s diet. It’s also important to research any supplement you are considering. Your dog will best be able to absorb vitamins that are given sublingually or are sprinkled on top of their food.

  • Probiotics can be used as a supplement to promote intestinal flora in your dog:
  • Multi Vitamin for your dog to ensure they are getting the needed nutrition: