Why be Mean

Dogs and Pets give so much to us, and they are unconditional lovers. They yearn for owner’s that will give them dependable care that they can trust and in return they give back so much.

Pets and Animals will even show love and affection at the sight of people doing cruel things to them in hopes of ‘maybe today will be different’.

You must recognize the scope of Extreme Unnecessary testing and euthanasian of animals. Some companies use puppies & kittens to perform excessive and cruel testing, and these puppies, kittens, cats and dogs spend their youth going thru extreme testing, suffering, hurtful events and living in crates. Simply not fair regardless of the reasoning.

It is really hard to understand how people can do this and how society allows it.

Animals cannot speak and they depend on us to love them and care for them, yet many cruel activities are allowed.

Shop Cruelty Free – It is very important to research any animal test that may have been performed on a product you are considering buying.

Be a Giver of Life and Support Animals

Work with your local animal shelters to help them become ‘kill-free’ and see what type of support they might need help with.