Loving Pet Care

Our pets cannot speak, and they rely on us and humans to protect, defend and care for them. Be a Good Shepard!

It is our responsibility to care for our pets which not only requires proper health care but also requires basic and simple signs of love & affection.

  • Be Gentle – Make sure to treat your pet with care and respect and be gentle with them
  • Be Fair – Read & Research any and all things (such as food, drugs, vaccines, pet care) before using on your pet
  • Spending time with them, simple things like car rides, yard work, going to work with you, going on vacation with you, these are all fun for them
  • Spend time with other dogs, like going to the dog park where they can socialize with other dogs
  • Giving them time outdoors every day, take them for walks or daily adventure trips
  • Talk to your dog to teach them words and build a workable vocabulary so you can communicate – lets go outside, lets go for a ride
  • Dogs need daily exercise and it is best to schedule to give them several exercise sessions per day
  • Unleashed time outside in the sunlight is important to optimal health
  • PROTECT – Protect your pet from harm
  • Inspect, Clean and Groom your pet regularly; clean their skin by bathing them, clean the ears, scaling / brushing their teeth, paw care & hygienic attention
  • Feed your dog quality nutritious food daily and do not under feed or over feed your pet. Make sure they get daily vitamins, minerals and nutrition as needed


A Pets Bill of Rights 

  • The right to Life and to be cared for with love and attention
  • The right to not be given harmful substances or hurtful chemicals
  • The right to be given a proper and loving home, transfer ownership if needed
  • The right to not be used in hurtful, extreme or cruel testing
  • The right to regular exercise & agility or physical stimulation – unleashed activity and intensity of exercise is important to optimal health
  • The right to be owned and cared for by a loving owner or caretaker
  • The right to not be in a crate for extended periods of time
  • The right to be removed from hurtful environments and provide proper recovery care
  • The right to titer and if immunity levels are sufficient the right to not be over-vaccinated
  • The right to be removed from abusive situations and hurtful conditions or extreme temperatures
  • The right to live and not be euthanized for no significant reason


A Pet Caretaker Bill of Responsibility 

  • DO NO HARM to a pet or animal
  • Be Gentle – Do not use harmful or un-needed chemicals on your pet
  • Be Kind – Give your pet daily; quality nutrition, exercise, hygienic care, social exposure and time outdoors
  • Be Fair – Evaluate all risk to your pet and use the golden rule to make sure you do not expose your pet to unnecessary risk
  • Be Responsible – Read & Research all items before using on your pet
  • Be a Loving Pet Owner
  • Help underprivileged pets when you can
  • Titer, understand your pets Immunology Anti-Body Test levels before treating or vaccinating
  • Use topical for topical issues as first choice
  • Verify your pet caretakers are on the same wavelength with your direction on how you want your pet cared for

Understand as a responsible pet owner and are caring for your pet so they can live an optimal life that you may have to take extra measures to protect your pet from unnecessary risk. In doing so, you may have to:

  • Find a new doggie daycare or dog park that will accept your pet and not be forced to unnecessary vaccines or requirements that would put extra risk on your pet, especially if you have titer on your pet or health certificate of good health
  • Travel with your pet or hire an in-home pet-sitter if a doggie daycare has too strict of requirements that would put unnecessary risk on your pet
  • Move to another state if your current state has too strict of requirements that would put unnecessary risk on your pet that you do not want to put on your pet
  • Find another dog park that doesn’t have too strict of requirements that would put your dog at unnecessary risk


  • When reading and researching products and services (food, drugs, vaccines, treats, pet-care providers) to consider using on your pet, make sure the data and the authors of the data are un-bias sources that do not have a financial or other conflict of interest 

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